How does Alef-Bet handle Snow Days?

Our goal is to remain open when reasonably possible and safe for our children, parents, and teachers to travel to Alef-Bet. We typically close for weather if Cambridge Public Schools decides to close.

When during the year may I enroll my child?

While the Alef-Bet enrollment year begins in September and ends in August, children are accepted whenever we have a vacancy in a classroom. Given our proximity to both Harvard and MIT, some of our families are with us only during the time they are pursuing studies at these programs. Do inform us during the application process about your plans so that we can make every effort to accommodate your child while making certain that we fulfill our own requirements regarding class size, staffing and budgetary concerns.
A child must be 15 months old before they join our toddler group, but that can happen at any point during the year.

Will my child automatically “graduate” to an older classroom when they reach the minimum age for that group?

No. The majority of children here will stay in their group until the end of the enrollment year.  Typically there are a number of other children in their group who are of the same age. We don’t have the space to move many children during the course of the year nor do we think that it would be in their best social/emotional or pedagogical interests.
There are circumstances when we do move a child mid-year, but there are many factors which must be taken into account and the decision to do so is done only when there is space available and the family, teachers and Director all agree this best meets a child’s needs.

Do I have to enroll my child 5 days a week?

We offer flexible scheduling from three mornings to five full days per week.  Please contact our office for an understanding of what scheduling options are avaiable at the time of your enrollment.